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Carnegie's Maid Carnegie's Maid

Carnegie’s Maid could appear to be a simple romance story, it most certainly is much more than that. Andrew Carnegie’s storied history is well known and this glimpse into a more personal appreciation of his earlier days is fascinating. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this unique and well written story told from a fresh and captivating perspective. 
—Joyce Greenfield (2/1/18)

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The Women In The Castle

The Women in the Castle is an engrossing and intimate novel of love, sacrifice, betrayal and forgiveness, a truly thought-provoking, must-read book.

"A remarkably essential book for today – as the generation of people who lived, fought and survived World War II age and pass away, it becomes all the more important to capture their stories of resiliency, self-reliance and nonconformity." 
—Joyce Greenfield (2/1/18)

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The War Brides Scrapbook The War Brides Scrapbook

The War Bride’s Scrapbook is just that – a WWII era love story told through a series of pictures and illustrations, with text often playing a supporting role. Charming and honest, this fascinating story is interesting in its presentation and plot alike, and a definite must-read for fans of this era of US history.

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Now That You Mention It Now That You Mention It

Higgins has always had the remarkable ability to plumb the breadth and depth of human feelings... brilliantly mingling heartbreak, hope, and humor into one compelling storyline.

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2017 Staff Picks
Hark The Herald Angels Slay Hark The Herald Angels Slay

A fun, fast-paced holiday mystery that's not set in the traditional December timeframe, which makes it even more interesting and unique. A Year-Round Christmas Mystery... a delightfully cozy mystery, no sweaters or fireplace required!

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The Paris Secret The Paris Secret

Inspired by the real-life discovery of a Paris apartment that had been boarded up since World War II, Swan’s latest addictively readable novel is a sophisticated mix of secrets, suspense, scandal, and seduction that manages to be both deliciously retro as well as smartly on trend.

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Wilde In Love Wilde In Love

Readers are in for a treat with Wilde in Love, first in the Wildes of Lindow Castle series. Willa is wooed and pursued by Alaric, yet she is not a woman who caves in easily, and their courtship is a fun series of volleys and returns. Inventive, witty and simply enjoyable to read, Wilde in Love is Eloisa James at her very best!

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Caroline: Little House, Revisited Caroline: Little House, Revisited

In Caroline, Little House, Revisited author Sarah Miller examines one period of the Wilder family’s history, when they journeyed to Kansas to settle and claim land in that new territory.

Caroline is beautifully written, lyrical and evocative prose that transports readers to the scene with ease, be it the wide, sweeping grasses of the prairie or a rushing, deep river that must be traversed with horse and wagon.

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Whispers of Warning Whispers of Warning
A Change of Fortune Mystery

As atmospheric and mysterious as a seance, Jennifer Estevao's second book featuring Ruby Proulx delivers another entertaining read with great characters and a strong plot. Whispers of Warning is again set in turn of the century Old Orchard, Maine, at the Belden Hotel, a seaside hotel catering to those interested in the metaphysical.

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The Paris Spy The Paris Spy

American-born spy and code-breaker extraordinaire Maggie Hope secretly navigates Nazi-occupied France to find two brave women during the darkest days of World War II.

Put this gripping plotline together with the book’s impeccably researched setting and realistically nuanced characters, and you have an extraordinary historical mystery that fans of this sterling series will treasure.

—John Charles (8/1/17)

MacNeal’s 7th Maggie Hope Mystery is her most gripping yet. Her accurate portrayal of Nazi occupied Paris captures their outrageous cruelty and obscene decadence. Readers can sense the tension of Maggie’s and her cohorts’ constant peril as they hide in plain sight, moving among the deadly Nazi elite.
—Sandra VanWinkle (8/1/17)

John Charles Review | Sandra Van Winkle Review

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The Address The Address

Scandal, architecture and high society all blend to make The Address an interesting tale of betrayal and power, of a tangled family saga that sprawls over a century before its secrets are finally set free from the walls of one of the most famous addresses in New York City." 
—Joyce Greenfield (8/1/17)

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Duke With Benefits Duke With Benefits

A skillfully crafted riddle wrapped in an enigma. The plot unfolds like an adventure, blended with romance, humor, and even murder. Readers are lead on a labyrinth trail of cryptic clues all the way to the best treasure of all... the happily ever after." 
—Sandra VanWinkle (7/1/17)

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The Alice Network The Alice Network

The Alice Network is a fantastic piece of historical fiction that recounts the true story of some of the female spies who were part of an actual spy ring called The Alice Network." 
—Joyce Greenfield (6/06/17)

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Magpie Murders Magpie Murders

"The mystery within a mystery is a gift to readers who enjoy British village mysteries. Horowitz captures the voice of the traditional British mystery perfectly, and then twists it... Perfect." 
—Lisa Holstein (6/06/17)

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Merely A Marriage Merely A Marriage

The New York Times bestselling author of The Viscount Needs a Wife returns with another roguishly delicious Regency romance...

"Beverley’s final romance is a tale of transformation and new beginnings, blended with warmth and a touch of wry humor. What a delight to read. That is so Beverley."" 
—Sandra VanWinkle (6/01/17)

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The Book of Summer The Book of Summer

"The Book of Summer is quite charming. A contemporary story that shows great reverence for the past, bridging the idyllic summers of wealthy twentieth century industrialists with the reality that nature does as nature wants. Put this one on your summer reading list!" 
—Joyce Greenfield (5/09/17)

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You Were Here You Were Here

“There is a mesmerizing almost dreamy quality to Sardar’s writing, which perfectly suits her debut novel. Put this together with a twisted plot rich in old secrets, modern day crimes, hidden passions, and chilling suspense and you have the kind of novel Hitchcock would give his eyeteeth to film." 
—John Charles (5/16/17)

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The Girl Who Knew Too Much The Girl Who Knew Too Much

“Run!” was Helen Spencer’s final word, written in her own blood on her bedroom wall...

"The smart, dual-layered plot and finely-crafted suspense combine to make this a fast-paced thriller from beginning to end. ...a twist of clever deception—a nail-biter of a tale." 
—Sandra VanWinkle (5/1/17)

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Goodnight From London Goodnight From London

Writer Ruby Sutton has just been offered the assignment of a lifetime—a transfer to wartime London to provide human interest stories for The American.

"Goodnight from London is an enthralling read, completely compelling and interesting as the pages fly by with a marvelous sense of time and place. Historical fiction doesn’t get any better than this! ." 
—Joyce Greenfield (5/1/17)

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In The Grave Hour In This Grave Hour
A Maise Dobbs Mystery

"In This Grave Hour is one of the best books thus far in the fantastic Maisie Dobbs series.

With World War II having just been declared, Maise must look into a series of events that extends back to the time of the German invasion into Belgium during World War I fine a killer." 
—Joyce Greenfield (3/14/17)

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Wait For Dark Wait For Dark
A Bishop/SCU Novel

"What is happening in this sleepy town where crime is practically non-existent until now... The one commonality to the victims is each receives a cryptic text twenty-four hours before their demise... Wait for Dark. The reader is kept on pins and needles as to the culprit's identity!" 
—Nancy Lepri (3/07/17)

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Dead Letters Dead Letters
Caite Dolan-Leache

A missing woman leads her twin sister on a twisted scavenger hunt...

"Readers will find themselves absolutely mesmerized by this stunning debut that brilliantly mixes the fiendishly clever plot twists and can-she-be-trusted kind of narration... Fans of sophisticated, polished suspense will definitely consider Dolan-Leach's book to be one of the best literary finds of 2017." 
—John Charles (2/21/17)

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In the Shadow of Lakecrest In the Shadow of Lakecrest
Elizabeth Blackwell

"Fans of good, old-fashioned gothic romances will be delighted to discover Blackwell’s latest expertly crafted novel. Blackwell deftly plays homage to the literary grand doyenne of the genre – Daphne Du Maurier’s classic Rebecca - with her mesmerizing tale of a penniless nobody, who marries a wealthy scion only to discover he has a past that could prove deadly."
—John Charles (2/01/17)

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The Good at Heart The Good at Heart
Ursula Werner

Based on the author’s discoveries about her great-grandfather, this stunning debut novel takes place over three days when World War II comes to the doorstep of an ordinary German family...

"The Good at Heart is truly compelling, a heart stopping and gut-wrenching story of immeasurable bravery, hope . . . and love." 
—Joyce Greenfield (2/21/17)

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Garden of Lamentations Garden of Lamentations
Deborah Crombie

Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James are drawn into separate investigations in this powerful mystery

"Garden of Lamentations is an excellent read, two well-plotted and well-written mysteries in one book that was difficult to put down."
—Joyce Greenfield (2/7/17)

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Seven Minutes In Heaven Seven Minutes In Heaven
Desperate Duchesses By the Numbers
Eloisa James

"Seven Minutes in Heaven is classic Eloisa James: intelligent, articulate and flat-out sexy. Eugenia is perceptive and smart, a woman who quotes Shakespeare and dispenses comforting hugs in turn. "
—Joyce Greenfield (1/31/17)

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Dragon Springs Road Eleventh Grave in Moonlight
Darynda Jones

"Suffice it to say that Charley is as engaging and interesting as ever, Reyes is the hottest tutor in the celestial realm and beyond, and Charley and Reyes together still equals one of the hottest romances on this side of the solar system! ...fresh, suspenseful and exciting"
—Joyce Greenfield (1/24/17)

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Dragon Springs Road Dragon Springs Road
Janie Chang

"This latest evocative historical novel is set in the early 20th century, and it effortlessly transports readers to China as it attempts to make the transition from centuries of imperial rule to a modern republic. The author skillfully incorporates a generous measure of Chinese fantasy and myth into the storyline."
—John Charles (1/7/17)

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2016 Staff Picks
Downfall Downfall
J. A. Jance

"Jance always delivers a superb mystery starring a core of boldly drawn repeating characters readers care about. Downfall delivers the good with the bad situations, and it is also emotionally beautiful. This is a terrific . . . gratifying read."
—Betty Cox (9/1/16)

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The Queen's Accomplice The Queen's Accomplice
A Maggie Hope Mystery
Susan Elia MacNeal

"In this latest Maggie Hope novel, the perspectives of heroes, heroines, villains and victims converge into one finely crafted tale. The story is filled with the intrigue and deception that defined Nazi era London, and is a fitting tribute to the courageous women freedom-fighters who no one ever hears about, but should be forever grateful."

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Blue Moon Blue Moon
Mundy's Landing Book Two
Wendy Corsi Staub

"Staub successfully continues her series with another thrilling, chilling, and completely fulfilling tale of spooky suspense that will hook readers from the very first chapter and not let them go until the novel’s stunning conclusion. ...cleverly conceived plot that keeps readers guessing as to the identity of the villain."

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Crowned and Dangerous Crowned and Dagerous
Royal Spyness Mystery
Rhys Bowen

"The latest sparkling addition to Bowen’s “Royal Spyness” series has charm to spare... Equal measures of Golden Age inspired sleuthing, madcap comedy and beguiling historical mystery that aptly proves that detection is always more fun when it is served up with plenty of wit and style."

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Barefoot Beach As Death Draws Near
A Lady Darby Mystery
Anna Lee Huber

"The newly weds are summoned by an unlikely requestor to investigate a recent murder – in an Irish abbey. Huber’s depth of historical research is evident from the very beginning of the story . . . to create a richly textured plot with an interesting cast of characters."

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Must Love Weiners Must Love Weiners
Rescue Dog Romances
Casey Griffin

"Call them doxies, sausage dogs, badger hunters, or even Oscar Meyers, dachshunds are the clowns of the dog world. With their tiny little legs and barrel chests from whence come their mighty barks, they are perfect companions and fearsome defenders. Debut author Casey Griffin's new romance Must Love Wieners stars the little clowns and is the perfect tale for a dog lover."

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How To Manage A Marquess How To Manage A Marquess
Spinster House
Sally MacKenzie

"...the Regency reader’s equivalent of those wonderful screwball movie comedies of the 1930s. MacKenzie is a master a deftly mingling mirthful writing, marvelously amusing characters, and madcap plotting into one delightfully entertaining literary confection."

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Radio Girls Radio Girls
Sarah-Jane Stratford

"a truly fascinating story encompassing a period of history not often heard about... in national security during the early 20th century. The story moves at a quick pace. Fans of historical fiction should not miss this uniquely compelling and mesmerizing tale."

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